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Moon over the snowy wood
gimme mooooooore 
25th-Mar-2012 10:13 pm
Rich, playground, falling
okay, so last entry will be finished in this new one. in case you might wonder why the former entry had such a strange title i'll explain. Just like me Jucus also has a really colourful imagination so while walking she explained she sees the day's achievement as follows. Little girl starts from nowhere, going on a road then to a highway, turning down from highway arriving to town, house, treshold. Each place simbolising one or more important stages of my life. With having my registration completed i reached the treshold, I only need to step over it and begin my new life...
Anyway: after having fun in the Tower we walked across Tower Bridge to the south bank and towards Bermondsey. Of course we had to go to Bermondsey street, just to take a picture of the street name plate.
Photobucket Then back through Tower Bridge I took Jucus to the Starbucks in the Catherine's dock. (she liked the yachts). Then we took the bus towards Covent Garden to meet Elio. (I know him from Spurscommunity). He has promised to take us for the best fish&chips place on London. We rushed through Covent garden and waited a bit long for him to find a place to park. Finally after going through 2 times in the same alley we found the place "Rock & Soul Plaice" est. 1871!!! it was amazing, first of all we had to walk through the kitchen to get downstairs and as you walked down the stairs you found yourself in an underwater scenario. I was instantly blown away since facing the stairs there were a couple of great white sharks.
Fish and chips was lovely along with mushy peas and that strange sauce I always forget the name of. :D
And lovely Elio invited us for the dinner.
The food was great but we were knackered so after having dinner we headed home.
we tried to find out if the lights on top of one of the buildings are the same colour as they were the night before. I claimed they weren't but we had to wait till next night to find out.
Here is a night shot of the O2 which was extremely close to us...
26th-Mar-2012 11:22 pm (UTC)
Lovely pics again! :) Especially the last one of the O2, but I may be biased because it brings back lots of happy memories for me lol. x
27th-Mar-2012 08:26 pm (UTC)
thanks, new bunch up soon! :)
O2 was just across the water from us. What happy memories ?:D
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